15 Mistakes in E-Commerce Websites Designing / Development (Part 2)

These are the common mistakes in E-commerce Website Designing that if left unnoticed will lead to a poor E-commerce website and customer interaction.

8.No or One Payment Method

A Customer should be able to pay from online and offline payment method. Having said this is the first step. Online payment method should not be confined to PayPal. Visa, MasterCard users can process the payment using PayPal but what if a customer is having AMEX or other cards which are not accepted by PayPal?


It’s always good to have at least 5 online payment options. There are many provides available for payment method which accepts all types of payment like Net banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, or other International Cards.

A customer should also have option to pay offline via cheque and demand draft to a specified bank account.


9.Missing Related Products

Customers tend to buy products when they have more option relating to the products they are viewing.

If a product is available in multiple colors or sizes there is now way customers knowing it rather than providing options.


Providing Related products in the same category or something related to the products viewing increases the sales .

For Example: They’ll put a battery display in the electronics section, or include cell phone cases near the cell phones. The same can be done on your website.


10.Confusing Navigation

The worst thing is to trying to find products in a confusing navigation. Finding a product in a navigation which takes the customers in circles will eventually result in losing of the customer and order.

This same applies to the categories which has no products or less than five products.


Clearly analyzing the categories and products and putting them together in the sites catalogue helps to customer to find the right category or products easily. Using the new mega menu helps better serve the customer visiting your website with all the data they need about the products.


11.Hiding Shipping rates

All customers hope the shipping rates are included in the products but some products may have extra shipping rates because of large size of weight according to the shipping company policy.

Some of the sites only add the shipping rates at the end of the checkout process before the payment option which is a bad idea since it may tend the customer to believe there may be more hidden costs.


The best practice for shipping rate is always to show them with the products if any applies to the product. Adding shipping rate to the product and showing Free Shipping also is a good idea since that is the practice of best e-commerce sites. Never trying to hide a rate until the payment gateway increases the credibility of the site. Create different categories of shipping rates for different type of products and for different types of shipping.


12.No Store Policies

People tend to know about the stores policies on exchange, sales and service, damage of the products.

If the terms & conditions , Policies , FAQ’s are missing on a e-commerce site it directly raises a question on the customer’s mind about the service and credibility of the website.


Including a well drafted policies and terms and conditions is very vital in the e-commerce industry. These policies not only help customers better understand the process but also give advantage to the site by a complaint about returns and warranty issues later faced by customer.


13.Unresponsive Websites

Most of the people who view a website usually views on a mobile or tablet screens since they are handy than a laptop to carry around. If the site loads very slowly on mobile devices which is not optimized for mobile devices then there is 90% probability to lose the customer because the customer is not going to wait forever since there are more competitors website to look up.


When you create the website include the responsive part also in the e-commerce site since it will always be useful in the long run of the website. A new website will never want to lose a customer at any circumstances emphasizing on the responsive design is a important to do checklist.


14.Missing Product Filtering

When a customer searches for a product he gets a list of all the related products in the search result. But  the customer will need the product in a certain price range of some specific parameters. What if there are 100’s of products in search result and the search result is as lengthy as 10 or more pages?


Filtering is the best way to resolve this problem with search result being lengthy. It also gives a better way of searching products from the whole e commerce website according to price range, weight, color, or other main parameter of the product.


15.Not focusing on the Products

When you go to any showroom they light up the showroom and the products in a very eye-catching way to attract the customers to their product. It is the human nature to see products which are more eye-catching than to see the useful products.


Showcasing the products in their most flattering light and well designed website is a best thing you can do to increase the sale in the website. Make sure that every design element present is doing something to showcase your products in their best possible light.


This concludes  15 Mistakes you should rectify in E-Commerce Websites Designing

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We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

All Information will be Confidential.


We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

All Information will be Confidential.