15 Mistakes in E-Commerce Websites Designing / Development (Part 1)

These are the common mistakes in E-commerce Website Designing that if left unnoticed will lead to a poor E-commerce website and customer interaction.

1.Missing detailed information about product

Online stores are a virtual medium to showcase and sell our goods. The main drawback in a online store is that the customer cannot touch & feel the product. This reduces the physical interaction with the product by the customer. The main Idea is to sell a product , so we will have to bridge the gap between the product and customer.


The online site should provide all the information a user would need like specs, Warranty, Price, Features listed clearly  for all the products listed in the website. The user should not have a need for checking  the information from other site since that user may find other sites which are more descriptive and offers a better price.

For Example in a Digital online store the store should provide all the information regarding the Smartphone its Specs, Features, Photos from different angle, if possible a 360 degree view of the product.


2. Hiding Contact Information

Trust is important for any business. Would you buy products from any online shop which processes your credit card information which doesn’t provide any accurate address to their customers. Online fooling and frauds are at high risk today and no one wants to lose their sensitive information to any website which doesn’t show credible information about the site and contact details.


So it’s highly mandatory that there is a correct contact address and a valid phone number on the site.

A toll free number or phone number with multiple lines  would be more efficient because people also get agitated because of long waiting times.

A customer support team which replies to all the mails and queries of their customers would also be a very good strategy.


3.Lengthy Checkout Process

What if you have to fill  5 page of information to get out of the checkout process. Tiring and more time consuming ways will get your customers to abandon the carts or delete the order.

Nobody likes a lengthy process of filling forms and waiting for the next page loads not to mention the correction of the fields which customers has to fill which has a invalid data.


The best practice for this is to have a 1 page checkout process with AJAX loading so that it reduces the page loading at each form completion.

Most of the studies suggest if you put five forms in the same page people are more likely to fill the forms which are in the single page rather than in the different  pages. The result being the same it is better to reduce the overhead on the customers and servers by loading pages.


4.Mandatory Account creation

Account creation is a long process as for the user wants the products ordered in minutes than creating a account in the online site and filling to forms to sign up and again going back to his email account to check the confirmation e-mail and activate his/her account. It’s a tedious process even to type this process.

Of course it’s understandable that it’s for the security purpose. But the question is who is paying for the product?


Simple..Guest checkout. People may or may not like to create a account in the website. So it’s always better to have a guest checkout for the non returning customers.  It will be a best practice to clearly notify the customers that they fill their email address with caution as for all the information will be sent to their e-mail address only and the site doesn’t store their information and can’t be edited it in future.


5.Inaccurate Site Search Engine

Customers usually tend to get the products by searching. A customer may come and search for the specific product rather than viewing all the deals and products.

They may be a returning customer too. If the e-commerce website doesn’t have a accurate site search engine it reduces the morale of the customer since he cannot get the right product just at the click of a button.


Having a powerful search engine that not only refines the search but also category in which products are listed will be much more easy for the customers.

Customers may or may not know the category in which products are listed so it’s a best practice to show the category and the product. This type of search helps in finding categories too by the customers.


6.Small or unclear Images

Since users cant physically handle the product it’s better to give maximum images from all the sides.

If the images are tiny or low resolution then the chance of buying the product is down to 50% even if it’s a returning customer.


Adding many images in thumbnail size and selecting the image enlarges the specific image is the best practice in e-commerce websites. The optimum size for the enlarged image is 1024 x 668 pixels.


7.Poor Shopping Cart Design

Most people tend to buy products and services from a reputed website. The reputation is gained by people referring the website or from customers testimonials and also people sharing of social media.

A poorly designed website has less probability of getting users attracted to the website. This even  points to the credibility of the website.


To achieve this the shopping cart should be pleasing and should have a easy way of adding products to the cart. A AJAX based cart addition system can be a best practice than to load the page when users adds a products to the cart. The customer tend to stay at the same page when adding a product to cart. Contact a best designing company to get a best design.


Stay Tuned for the next 8 points to come under  15 Mistakes you should rectify in E-Commerce Websites Designing

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We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

All Information will be Confidential.


We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

All Information will be Confidential.