10 Points to note in Web Designing

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Today, design is different. Users are finally in the center of the process and you can literally feel this while browsing the web.

“Content never mattered more.”

Content strategy, UX, Accessibility. Visual Design and usability will play a role in the 2014 web designing trends.

#10 Content Blocks

“Blocks of content, Think Pinterest”
“Blocks of content, arranged in a manner that facilitates easy and casual browsing”
User is pleased if the important information provided is in blocks which stand out from rest of the page.
In this way you can attract more visitors to those sections.

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#9 Simplicity

“Its design at its best.Thoughtful, Efficient and simple.”
The clarity and simplicity of an interface becomes a complete , Powerful thing.
Your site should be simple yet beautiful so as the user don’t have to wander on the screen searching for the interface and options.
information should be straight forward and presented in a contrasting way compared to the background of the website designed.

#8 Big Images

“Use of hi-pixel images is on the increase. There’s now no excuse for a suspect low resolution shot!
Since all the devices to day use high quality LCD or LED screens images look more sharper and clear if we use hi resolution images.
Hi-Resolution images are the order of the day.
no one wants to see a blurred image. Screens are getting better so should our images.


#7 Scrolling

As mobile devices become more popular small screens have forced to scroll more.
Since mobile devices cant accommodate all the things as in a big screen the mobile users scroll more than the desktop users.
So designing a website with smooth scroll is very important with growing mobile users.


#6 Retina Display

These high resolution screens do a great job of making the website look phenomenal.
So using a low resolution image will affect badly on the websites designed.
SVG images are best suited for retina displays or high resolution images will also do the job.
Icons look more vibrant and with neat edges if we use vector based of SVG images.


#5 Single Page  Web Designing

This design technique can help convey a linear controllers message to visitors and help keep focus on important details.
One page design is evolving in this era since the whole website can be designed into a single page.
It is divided into sections and all the information’s are provided into those desired sections.


# 4 Parallax Web Designing

Background and foreground images and text are animated as you scroll, Which helps Create depth and can help bring the page to life.
Moving background and foreground at different speeds can create a beautiful effect called parallax.
This trend is mainly followed in single page webdesign as they have more to scroll on the screen to showcase the full website.


# 3 Responsive  Web Designing

Its not a question of whether to use it or not.Its a question of whether you can implement it properly.
One of the best ways to make your website available for all devices is by Responsive Web designing.
This is based on the screen size of the device rather than the user agent detection which is not precise.
There are many framework such as bootstrap to choose from if you need assistance in responsive designing.


#2 Typography

With the increased resolutions of screens over the past few years there’s been a need to raise the standard font size.
Typography aerobatics will certainly be with us in the near future.
Its too powerful a brand shaping tool.People look at the bolder characters more easily than the smaller once so its more easy to stay in visitors mind.


#1 Flat Design

In a rare example both Microsoft and Apple being completely on board with what the other company was doing, both adopted flat designs in their products.
“To say that Flat design is extremely popular is to say nothing.”
The reason why flat design is becoming such a trend is because flatness lends to simplicity.
Simplicity leads to great user interface as we discussed before.


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We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

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We are the Best Web Designing Company in India with a strong web designing team. Our web designing team is specialized in creating websites that are more engaging and attractive to the visitors.

All Information will be Confidential.